You know the basics of hand lettering but can't seem to reach the next step? How can you take control of your lettering to move on from being a beginner?

When I started years ago, lettering was my therapy. I learned all the basics and loved it! But there seemed to be a disconnect between knowing the basics and the impossible amount of practice to become an expert. I didn't feel confident in my lettering skills and I couldn't get past comparisons that were making me feel bad about all of my lettering practice. I knew that practice would help me improve, but every time I practiced, it seemed like I couldn't create anything that looked good.

Then life hit me pretty hard and I needed lettering to be my therapy again. I knew that I needed to be able to practice in a way that made me feel good again instead of bringing me down.

That's when I started creating a process of practicing my lettering with confidence. I was able to use my lettering practice as a therapy again. Instead of feeling like I wasn't good enough after practicing, I felt confident in my abilities to letter. And not only that, but I also started feeling confident in my abilities to handle the challenges I was facing in my life.

My lettering practice became the most energizing part of my day. I would leave my lettering desk feeling refreshed, the way you feel after a power nap or a good night's rest. I felt proud of my lettering and confident to conquer my day. That's what I want for you.


Let me introduce you to The Confident Lettering Practice.

The Confident Lettering Practice is a 6-week online guided practice that walks you through the process I created to go from not feeling good enough to start making your lettering practice work for you. Start taking control of what you get to do with your lettering instead of letting the comparisons and doubts hold you back.

That sounds pretty good, right? Now you may be thinking, "But Sarah, I really don't have time to practice."

I get that. That's the number one thing I hear from YOU when it comes to practicing lettering. There's not enough time. It is true that we'll never get more time in our day. This guided practice is designed to only take 10-15 minutes a day. We may not be able to find an hour to practice, but 15 minutes is doable. Wake up 15 minutes earlier, go to bed 15 minutes later, spend 10 minutes less on social media. I know you want to improve your lettering, let me motivate you to spend just 10-15 minutes a day to become more confident in your lettering and life.

This guided practice is for you if:

  • You know the basics of hand lettering.
  • You want to practice lettering but you're not sure how to start.
  • You want to move beyond practicing drills and basics.
  • You need someone to motivate you to practice daily.
  • You are excited to take control of your lettering practice to make it your own.
  • You want to gain confidence in lettering and life.
  • You want your lettering practice to help you feel confident in lettering, not make you feel like you're not good enough.

This guided practice is NOT for you if:

  • You have never picked up a pen before.
  • You don't know the very basics of hand lettering.
  • You just want to practice drills and basic letterforms.
  • You don't want to take time out of your day to practice.
  • You don't want to learn a new mindset around practicing.
  • You don't want to feel confident in your unique lettering.

"I love calligraphy, but I've struggled with being confident in my lettering. I tend to see the flaws in my lettering and compare it to everyone else's lettering. [Sarah] has helped me to feel more confident in using my own style and has helped me to stop pointing out the flaws in my own lettering. Once again, thank you so much!" -Kaelyn

Here's exactly what you'll get in The Confident Lettering Practice:

+ 6 video lessons with guided practice to reset your mindset and take control of your lettering.

+ A workbook over with 45 pages of lettering practice sheets and prompts to guide your 10-15 minutes of daily practice over the 6 weeks so you never have to question what to practice each day.

My goal is that at the end of the 6 weeks, you will:

+ Have more appreciation for your unique story and how it relates to your lettering.

+ Feel gratitude for the little things that make your life and lettering better.

+ Acknowledge your fears around hand lettering and take steps to overcome them.

+ Learn to love yourself and your lettering for all that you are.

+ Develop an eye for the things you love and don't love about your lettering so you can take control of your own unique style.

+ Explore a new way of practicing lettering to express your most confident self.


Meet Sarah Ensign from Ensign Insights

Hey! I'm Sarah, a hand lettering teacher and ice cream connoisseur. I started hand lettering in 2016 during a difficult time and it became a form of therapy. It brought so much joy back into my life. I started Ensign Insights as a way to share that joy with others. Hand lettering has given me confidence in many aspects of my life and I'm passionate about helping others feel that confidence in their own lettering and life.

I love making new friends so I'm glad you're here!


Week 1: Your Unique Story Practice
Practice creating alphabets as you practice accepting your unique story and how it relates to your lettering.

Week 2: Grateful for Little Things Practice
Practice the basic rules as you practice gratitude in your lettering to see all the good in the details.

Week 3: Acknowledging Fears Practice
Practice breaking the rules as you practice overcoming your fears around lettering.

Week 4: Loving Yourself More Practice
Practice composition in lettering as you practice speaking kindly to yourself about your lettering.

Week 5: Your Colorful Opinion Practice
Practice experimenting with colors as you develop an eye for things that feel good to you.​​​​​​​

Week 6: Your Own Confident Practice
Practice taking control of your own lettering and creating what you love.

Ready to get started?

I'd love for you to join me in practicing to gain confidence in your lettering!

Confident Lettering Practice

  • 6 week guided practice
  • 6 video lessons to kick start each week
  • 45-page workbook for guided daily practice
  • Move beyond just basic drills
  • Never question what to practice for 6 weeks
  • Immediate and easy access to the dashboard on your own time
  • Lifetime access- rewatch any lesson at anytime


Practice lettering in a brand new way to set yourself up to be confident instead of comparing to others.